Cyberlaw & Cybersecurity

Cyberlaw involves legal jurisdiction over the Internet, electronic commerce (e-commerce), domain name disputes and the like. Cybersecurity involves the protection of computers and networks.

This firm can:

  • Negotiate Settlements with the FTC for Security Breaches
  • Perform Audits of Information Technology Systems
  • Conduct or Direct Investigations Involving Breaches of Security on Networks, Servers and PC's
  • Generate Computer Security Policies for Companies
  • Generate Privacy Policies for Company Websites
  • Perform Investigations Involving Computer Crimes and Torts
  • Counsel on Crimes Involving Computer Devices and Systems
  • Perform Investigations Involving the Theft of Company Secrets
  • Perform Limited Penetration Testing of Websites and Computer Systems
  • Advise clients on the best methods for conducting commerce over the Internet
  • Handle domain name disputes involving trademarked domain names