Law Office of Ronald Chichester, P.C.

A Texas-Based Law Firm Specializing in Technology-Related Legal Issues

This firm provides services in the following legal areas:

Artificial Intelligence

Matters involving the protection of artificial intelligence instances or the code used to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Ethical uses of artificial intelligence, including compliance with local ordinances and state laws regulating the scope or use of certain data by artificial intelligent agents or software.


Matters involving the use of blockchains in commerce and virtual (crypto)currencies.

Cybersecurity & Cyberlaw

Matters involving computer/network security such as security breach and notification requirements, incident response, information technology system audits, corporate espionage, data privacy and computer crimes.

Electronic Discovery

Litigation matters involving electronically stored information, spoliation sanctions, computer forensics, data metrics and data analysis and consulting on the scope and content of requests for production.

Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, technology licensing, cloud contracts, software audits, SaaS agreements, terms of use agreements and terms of service agreements.