Law Office of Ronald Chichester, P.C.

A Texas-Based Law Firm Specializing in Technology-Related Legal Issues

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Matters involving computer/network security such as security breach and notification requirements, incident response, privacy issues, privacy policies, information technology system audits, corporate espionage, identity theft, and computer crimes.

Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, including intellectual property strategy and attendant corporate architecture, technology development and licensing.


Website contracts, cloud contracts, software development contracts, PCI, database selection, infrastructure selection, software architecture selection, identity theft, cloud contracts, software audits, SaaS agreements, terms of use agreements and terms of service agreements..

Workflow Automation

Automation of human/software workflow, software development to integrate disparate software systems, document assembly, automated document review, document retention policies.

Artificial Intelligence

Ownership of artificial intelligence and the regulation of artificial intelligence. Litigation involving devices that incorporate machine learning and artificial agents. Development of artificial intelligence for legal automation.


Blockchains for business and commerce, smart contracts, distributed autonomous organizations (digital corporations), business governance. Smart legal contracts, automated business processes, and antitrust issues related thereto.

Electronic Discovery

Computer forensics, identification, preservation, acquisition, processing, review, analysis, production, presentation of data for litigation.

Data Science

Gathering, formatting and analyzing data in support of litigation as an expert witness. Data mining for law firms and corporations.